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  • If you see a white squirrel it is thought to bring you good luck. An albino or white squirrel has a special place in mythology. It symbolizes that positive change is coming and urges you to prepare for it. 

  • There are a few colleges in the States, that have a population of white squirrels, including the University of Texas in Austin (who has a very famous albino squirrel called “Lucky”, and the University of Louisville in Kentucky. These white squirrels are believed to be good luck and are perceived as a good omen. 

  • Many towns in North America compete to be the “White Squirrel Capital of the World". This includes Olney in Illinois, where the white squirrels have the right of way on all streets in the town, with a $500 fine for hitting one. Police officers have a white squirrel badge on their uniforms.  Sir David Attenborough discovers that nowhere celebrates squirrels in quite the same way as the city of Olney, Illinois in the USA in the BBC Earth - Wildlife on One documentary.

  • In Brevard in USA, they have a White Squirrel Festival every year to celebrate the colonies of white squirrels that live there. 

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